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Welcome To My Journey

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Dedrick Weathersby was born on April 6, 1990 in Marshall, Texas and raised in Longview, Texas. Emmy Award Winner for Best Interview and Discussion with Theatre Corner on PBS/KPBS. A Broadway World Award Winner and NAACP Award Winner. As a child, his dream was to become a professional actor/singer and impact the world and his community through his storytelling and music. Years and dreams later, he's living that dream, paying it forward and still have more to do. Dedrick has quietly given over $100,000 worth of scholarships for graduating students of color whose life dream is to pursue business entrepreneurship and the performing arts professionally. Dedrick cherishes his individualized path of training,  performances and connections in numerous, Community, Regional, Musical, Plays and Broadway Tours. Dedrick is a proud member of Actors Equity, SAG-AFTRA and Dramatist Guild Union, for Playwrights. 

The proud Founder and Executive Director of Super Bad Theater Company and Weathersby Productions LLC/Publishing.


Dedrick independently released two studio projects  titled Remembering James (Tribute to James Brown) and                    "5 Minutes Til Places" (Songs of Broadway); available on all streaming platforms.


Dedrick is an accomplished author of 6 published books, his most recent literary success would be "How I See Myself" Short Inspirational Vignettes for African American Youth. Dedrick is a firm believer, if you remember those humble beginnings, you can use each moment for future endeavors and "You can NEVER lose, betting on yourself and Giving is connected to your healing". 


Dedrick, has written numerous Plays and Musicals, his notable successes would be Remembering James- The Life and Music of James Brown and The New Teacher (A Stage Play Comedy).


'Remembering James'- The Life and Music of James Brown opened on February 10, 2019 to a SOLD OUT audience and continued for a 6 month run with the collaboration of Boxcar Theatre & the Creators of Speakeasy San Francisco. The show Embarked on a National Tour from 2019-2020 (Pre-Pandemic) and performed over 60 Shows. Dedrick would continue touring to states and cities based on request from fans, promoters and theater partners from March 2021 until closing on May 14. 2022.


The New Teacher (A Stage Play Comedy) premiered in Dedrick's hometown of Longview, TX on February 19, 2022 with the collaboration of Longview Independent School District (Bramlette Elementary) and performed a Encore on March 12, 2022 backed by Popular Demand. This show will continue to provide artistic opportunities to youth in marginalized communities where Theatre is not apart of the schools curriculum. This play is being revamped to add 13 original songs, this would qualify as a full length children's musical. This musical has plans to be available for licensing and renting. 

Early Life:

​Dedrick Weathersby born on April 6, 1990 in Marshall Texas at Marshall Memorial to Alvin Weathersby and Carolyn Hutchinson. Raised in Longview, Texas by Bobby and Carolyn Nelson. Many that knows the hometown name “Hollywood '' would say Dedrick's acting start was first showcased at Pinewood Park Elementary in the Christmas Production of          The Nutcracker, under the direction of The Late Mrs. Delia Williams. His secondary training would be at Foster Middle School, in a plethora of plays under the direction of Mrs. Mattie Cuba, in which Mrs. Cuba mentioned “You want to add singing, dancing and acting to your skills and become an all around actor”. His final hometown training would be at Longview High School, under the direction of Mrs. Pamela Mercer McWillams, where he performed in multiple musicals, plays and competed in UIL (University Interscholastic League)- One Act competition. Dedrick attended Lon Morris College on a Full Ride Scholarship in Musical Theatre and Academics. Dedrick became the first African American Student Body President at LMC (Lon Morris College) and graduated with two Associates in Musical Theatre and Business Management; on graduation day, Dedrick shared a thought provoking and moving commencement speech to his student body and graduating class, the first of its kind in the 156 year history of LMC. Dedrick credits is Theatre Department Chair, H Russ Brown for introducing "Non Traditional" casting to him, Mr. Browns motto, if you have the chops for the part, it's yours, this would change Dedricks outlook on where he would fit within the industry of entertainment and theatre. Dedrick also attended The University of Texas at Tyler. He would reside in Tyler, Texas until he received a clear vision from God on moving to California after a major audition. Dedrick made the big move on August 12, 2012 in his 1998 Buick Lesabre with a leap of faith in pursuit of his lifelong dream of being a full-time actor. Dedrick has called San Francisco Bay area home for over 10 years and has added Cincinnati, OH apart of his secondary home base. Stay tuned, Dedrick's story is still being written..................  

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