Remembering James- The Life and Music of James Brown, a 90 minute musical, which tells the story of The Godfather of Soul from 1951-1968, James Brown. Spanning nearly two decades of his monumental career, you’ll see how a divided country, the growing Civil Rights movement and the assassination of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. shaped the artists’ work. A 8-piece band accompanies the show, bringing the passion of his music alive while offering a message of hope to a grief-stricken nation looking for a moment of healing and celebration.

Written by: Dedrick Weathersby

Music/Lyrics: James Brown Catalog (1951-1967) 

Musical Direction: William "Will Roc" Griffin

Featuring: Natusha Howard as Velma Warren Brown

Famous Flames: AB Davis, Chris Mason and Jason Bowens


SuperBad Girls: Sheryl Lucky, Dusharme (DeeDee) Davis, Ashanti Watson and Moniqua Oliver

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Dedrick Weathersby and Donna Marie in Re
Dedrick Weathersby and Will Roc in Remem